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One big HAPPY family!

Animal Logic is one of the world's most creative digital studios producing award winning, ground breaking animation, visual effects and design.

Established in 1991 when lunches were long and to buy a graphics computer meant to mortgage one’s house, Animal Logic has been at the forefront of digital content production.

From our humble beginnings as a 10 person enterprise to one of the world’s most prolific digital studios, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some revolutionary directors and producers to create some spectacular and memorable images and stories on our journey.

After our early success with leading advertising agencies and television commercial directors, we made the leap into feature films, getting a start on films such as Babe, Mouse Hunt, Face Off and The Matrix. Since then, we’ve continued to attract audiences with our visual effects and animated feature films like Moulin Rouge, House of Flying Daggers, 300, The Great Gatsby, and with our dancing animated penguins in Happy Feet, our formidable fighting owls in Legend of the Guardians, BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs 3D and who could forget the LEGO® minifigs in the blockbuster hit and Academy Award nominee, The LEGO® Movie! It's safe to say we're pretty good at animating just about anything now!  Animal Logic's Animation division is currently in production on The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) and The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017) and The LEGO Movie Sequel (2019)!

Animal Logic's VFX division incorporates the wealth of talent and creativity that is abundant in our studio. With a deep talent pool and monumental technical expertise, the future is bright, and we're excited.  The VFX team’s recent credits include The Great Gatsby, Iron Man 3, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Unbroken, Insurgent, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Divergent Series: Allegiant, and Captain America: Civil War. They are now in production on a series of VFX feature films that we hope to announce shortly… stay tuned!

Animal Logic Entertainment - our feature film development team located in Sydney and Los Angeles are a creative and passionate bunch, focusing on developing an eclectic slate of feature films stamped with the visual and technical excellence that has become the hallmark of Animal Logic's work.

In late 2015, we opened a new animation studio in Vancouver, Canada, as part of a three picture deal with Warner Bros. The newly established Animal Logic Vancouver is an exclusive partnership to initially produce three of the LEGO animated features with Warner Bros., but with a keen view on producing subsequent projects in an ongoing collaboration.

When fully staffed, this new venture is expected to create 300+ highly skilled jobs for Vancouver. The studio's first project will be none other than The LEGO® Movie Sequel, scheduled for release in 2019!

Together the Animal Logic Family is committed to innovation, technical and creative excellence, and most importantly a collaborative and storytelling culture with a unique voice.  We have BIG dreams!

Our offices are located at the Fox Studios lot in Moore Park, Sydney, and at the world famous Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, California. Our Vancouver office is located in creative hub of Yaletown.

39 different languages are spoken in
our offices. So international! G’day!
21 beaches and bays within 5km of our Sydney office.
Hit the render button... Hit the beach...
It's sunny 90% of the year in Sydney. We promise!
Average age of our staff = 29
In 2013 we drank 9,900 bottles of beer, 14,000 litres of milk, ate 25,000 bananas, 4900 loaves of bread, 1,500kg of rice and 35,000kg of potatoes to be precise. We really are ANIMALS!
10 staff in 1991 to over 500 in 2013... must be something in the water... animal magnetism?
Our incredible chef, Brady cooked 26,000 meals last year. He knows what makes us happy. More cheesy bread please!
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