Animal Logic


- Super Pets

We are crewing up for a ‘Super’ Animated Feature Film, with start dates for Animators in November 2020.

Animators are responsible for producing high quality performance animation that is in line with the Director’s creative vision. They create a believable performance and expressions of 3D CG characters and objects.

Due to COVID–19 travel restrictions, we are currently looking for Australian residents and artists currently based in Australia.

What you’ll get to do:

• Bring characters to life
• Produce high quality animation in line with the Directors creative vision and the brief received from lead and/or supervisor
• Animate using effective storytelling skills, through knowledge of camera angles and framing shots
• Understand the visual requirements for the film and in consultation with your Lead and/or Supervisor, provide input into the procedures and techniques that will enable these to be met
• Adhere to deadlines and anticipate, communicate and troubleshoot technical issues with Production
• Help provide solutions to creative briefs through existing tools & processes
• Understand department pipeline including all assets and tools, and their purpose
• Become proficient with the departments propriety tools

What you bring:

• 3+ years’ experience on VFX feature films, TV series or games
• 3+ years’ experience working in Animation
• Working knowledge in animation techniques and a proficiency in Maya
• Proven ability to produce feature film quality character animation in a range of styles
• Solid knowledge of animation tools and workflow while also open to new workflows and tool sets
• Knowledge of traditional animation techniques and the principles of character performance such as posing, timing, acting and storytelling techniques
• A strong knowledge of anatomy, movement and basic real world physics and their application for animation
• A demonstrated passion and ability in 3d animation
• Have an “eye” for the nuances of a believable action
• Enthusiasm, positivity, initiative and talent coupled with an understanding for taking direction and performing tasks to the individual’s best abilities
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to work collaboratively within a team environment
• A flexible approach while maintaining consistently high standards
• Ability to balance workloads to achieve deadlines within a team environment
• Willing to learn, and contribute to the success of the team and project with the ability to listen and be open to all feedback given

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