Animal Logic


Assets TD – Vis Dev
- Feature Animation

The Assets TD (Visual Development) is responsible for supporting creative and visual objectives through tool assistance, asset processing, pipeline troubleshooting and process optimization, working closely with the Art and Asset teams (Art, Modelling, Environments and Surfacing).

What you’ll get to do:

  • Understand the visual requirements for the film, and aid the Art department in finding and creating the approved look
  • Support the team’s preferred choice of software packages, primarily Blender & Photoshop
  • Assist the artists with day to day issues and glitches and eventually escalating those issues through the right channels when they aren’t immediately addressable
  • Maintain an efficient working environment for the artists, including compliant installation of third party applications
  • Ensure that tools and procedures support the creative process
  • Explore Visual Development workflows in realtime collaboration tools such as Unreal Engine or Omniverse
  • Explore potential connections of the artistically driven visual development process to more traditional production departments such as Environments, Previs and Layout
  • Provide solutions to visual problems through existing tools and occasional tool development
  • Process/cleanup on assets such as geometry or textures
  • Help the team to maintain an organised asset/folder structure to keep productivity high
  • Understand the processes of adjoining departments (eg. Modelling, Environments, Surfacing, Previs, Layout etc.) and provide input where required to maximise efficiency and quality
  • Creating and updating documentation for related processes and tools
  • Establish close partnership with Assets staff and other TD groups

What you bring:

  • Experience on AAA games, Mobile games, TV commercials or Animation Features
  • Experience in Blender and supporting tools
  • Experience with a popular game Engine such as Unreal Engine / Unity
  • Experience in supporting a small creative team in a fast paced production environment
  • Basic Python knowledge required
  • Degree in animation, graphic design, computer science/engineering, maths or physics; or combination of education and work experience
  • Knowledge of source control systems, PyQt, GitHub or other GUI toolkit is a bonus
  • Knowledge of concepts like data flow, data dependencies, Meta data, publishing and retrieval
  • An ability to quickly acquire a working understanding of both off-the-shelf and proprietary software tools
  • The ability to efficiently organise and prioritise work across multiple areas and work and remain calm under pressure
  • Strong written and verbal English language skills
  • Excellent in pro-active problem solving and finding solutions within the parameters presented
  • Ability to work collaboratively within a team environment

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