Animal Logic


Crowd Artist
- Super Pets

Location: Vancouver, BC

Are you a Crowd Artist with creative problem-solving skills in order to fill sets and shots with life for an animated feature!?

What you’ll get to do:

  • Setup crowd assets and HDAs within the existing Houdini pipeline and test new procedures and workflows
  • Create a range of efficient crowd agents (bipeds/quadrupeds and vehicles) for efficient simulation
  • Work with Animation teams to identify and breakdown behaviours into cycles for artists to use
  • Work closely with FX Department Supervisor and Crowd Lead to implement efficient and effective ways to fill the sets and shots with life
  • Give feedback to the department TD’s to continue the development of tools and workflows associated with crowd simulation
  • Build templates that are highly geared towards automation
  • If required, work with the fellow artists on the show that have been assigned shot implementation to make sure the scene files are being used efficiently
  • Evaluate any issues that may arise in the setup of crowd and devises efficient solutions

What you bring:

  • 3+ years’ Houdini experience on feature films, TV and/or animated feature with a focus in Houdini Crowds
  • Past experience, demonstrated via reel, of feature animation crowd or effects simulation
  • Strong understanding of Houdini crowd agent design & setup
  • Production experience using Houdini: SOPs/DOPs essential
  • Production experience using Houdini: Vex and Python knowledge desirable
  • Experience building Houdini digital assets
  • Solid understanding of motion and principles of rigging and animation
  • Good understanding of the crowd shading and rendering procedurals
  • Attention to design and artistic detail
  • Ability to work solo as well as collaboratively within a team environment and when necessary to pass knowledge to other staff members
  • Excellence in problem solving and balancing quick turnaround with long term quality and ability to meet deadlines with high quality output
  • Strong written and verbal English language skills
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to efficiently organise and prioritise work across multiple areas and work under pressure
  • Ability to take direction and feedback and apply this to assets or shots moving forward; anticipating the supervisors and leads preference

What you should demonstrate in your demo reel/portfolio:

  • Feature animation quality crowd or effects simulation (preferably in Houdini)
  • Any digital assets and setups you’ve contributed to, created or developed yourself
  • Building setups/rigs/templates geared towards automation would be useful
  • A range of crowd work

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