Animal Logic


Assembly & Final Layout Artist
- Super Pets

Are you an Assembly & Final Layout Artist with high attention to detail and an “eye” for picture composition? The Assembly & Final Layout Artist is responsible for setting up shots, camera polishing, set dressing, picture composition, and stereo. They ensure that the required assets are installed; check for consistency and continuity of set dressing as well as camera and lensing work. They provide support to all downstream departments throughout production.

What you’ll get to do:

  • Conform timing and casting of shots, provided by Rough Layout, to the edit of the sequence
  • Maintain asset breakdown, troubleshoot shot builds and QC for delivery to downstream departments
  • Set dress shots based on the desired look of the film, working with the Production Designer and Art Director
  • Collaborate with and support the Animation department with camera framing and “work in progress” animation
  • Finalize the cinematic staging, camera positioning, camera settings and composition as directed by the Layout Supervisor or Director
  • Be aware of the creative requirements of a sequence and therefore ensuring continuity between shots
  • Adhere to deadlines and anticipate, communicate and troubleshoot technical issues with Production.
  • Become proficient with the proprietary tools and provide feedback; understand the department’s role within the studio pipeline
  • Keep abreast of relevant and related emerging techniques and technologies

What you bring:

  • 2+ years’ experience in feature animation, VFX, and/or animated television with a focus in Layout
  • Proficiency demonstrated through past project work and/or reel
  • Proven ability to deliver high quality shots within production deadlines
  • Recognised post-secondary qualification in animation, film or related field is preferable
  • Working knowledge and understanding of 3D software packages used in digital film production, in particular Maya
  • Ability to produce camera work using knowledge and understanding of camera polishing and camera settings such as focal lengths, depth of field and f-stop
  • Knowledge and experience with asset management and production tracking software
  • Knowledge of shot based set dressing techniques to provide artistic quality to the sequence
  • An understanding of editing and continuity over a sequence of shots and a film
  • Enthusiasm, positivity, initiative and talent, coupled with an understanding for taking direction
  • Ability to maintain a flexible approach with an openness to new workflows and tool sets
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills; ability to receive and apply feedback, sharing knowledge as needed
  • Ability to work solo as well as collaboratively within a team environment

What you should demonstrate in your demo reel/portfolio:

  • Camera work that demonstrates use of camera polishing and camera settings such as focal lengths, depth of field and f-stop
  • The ability to maintain continuity over a sequence of shots and a film
  • Examples of set dressing
  • “Eye” for picture composition and attention to detail

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