Animal Logic


Animation Lead
- Netflix Animated Feature Film

Location: Vancouver, BC

Are you a senior animator looking for a leadership opportunity? The team at Animal Logic is searching for a leader to motivate our team of animators, work closely with the Animation Supervisor and Director to realize their vision, and ensure the standard and quality of the animations produced are consistently high.

What you’ll get to do:

  • Provide leadership, direction and allocation of work to the animators within your team
  • Establish and maintain an appropriate level of communication with all crew members and ensure they are properly supported and mentored
  • When required produce high quality animation in line with the Directors creative vision
  • Become proficient with the departments propriety tools
  • Understand the processes of adjoining departments and communicate with these departments as needed
  • Understand the overall brief and goals of a project and communicates this clearly to each member of the team
  • Delegates work responsibly to ensure successful completion of shots across team members of all skill levels
  • Drives team reviews and, when appropriate, will offer creative feedback on reviewed shots
  • Work with the Animation Supervisor and the production team to prepare bids and pitches as required
  • Prioritize and break down a project into organized parts

What you bring:

  • 10+ years’ Animation experience in feature animation, VFX and/or animated television
  • Proven leadership experience within feature animation or VFX
  • Proven ability to produce feature film quality character animation in a range of styles demonstrated through past project work and/or reel/portfolio
  •  A deep knowledge of animation techniques and a proficiency in Maya, within a feature film animation pipeline preferred
  • Deep understanding of traditional animation techniques and the principles of character performance such as posing, staging, timing, acting and storytelling techniques
  • A deep understanding of anatomy, movement and basic real world physics and their application for animation
  • Have an “eye” for the nuances of a believable action
  • Understand department pipelines including all assets and tools, and their purpose
  • A knowledge of rigging and pipeline to help direct any technical changes
  • Recognised post-secondary qualification in animation, film or related field preferable
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills working with production and other departments as required
  • Ability to effectively work, communicate and provide feedback with all personality types
  • Have the ability to listen and be open to all feedback given and apply this to shots moving forward; anticipating the supervisors/ directors preference in accordance to the style of the project
  • Enthusiasm, positivity, initiative and talent coupled with an understanding for taking direction and performing tasks to the individual’s best abilities
  • Be detail orientated, balanced with a strong technical understand to quality control each shot in a sequence
  • Ability to multitask, prioritise and balance workloads to achieve deadlines within a team environment
  • Open to new workflows and tool sets

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