Animal Logic


Modelling Artist

Location: Vancouver

Are you a Modeller interested in working with us in our Vancouver studio?! The Modelling Artist will interpret a variety of media from our art department and create applicable, working 3D models back into the pipeline ready for utilisation by other departments.

What you’ll get to do:

  • Interpret 2D designs and translate them into 3D models using software such as Maya, UV Layout and Z-Brush, all while maintaining the original artistic intent
  • Produce accurate UVs for your models to be used by downstream departments
  • Produce complex environments using the models you create and our proprietary environment software and workflow
  • Produce highly-optimized meshes that can be rendered and displayed efficiently for downstream departments such as Rigging, Layout and Lighting
  • Assume responsibility for ensuring assigned work is produced to appropriate standard quality within the scheduled timeframe and deadline
  • Ensure a high level of communication is maintained with the Model Lead and Supervisor, particularly where situations arise that may compromise the quality or scheduled delivery of material

What you bring:

  • 3+ years’ experience in feature animation, VFX, and/or animated television with a focus in Environment Modelling
  • High degree of proficiency in Maya producing props and environment models
  • Experience with Houdini and/or Z-Brush as a bonus
  • Strong understanding of industry standards, conventions, and formats to enable successful completion of work
  • Excellence in problem solving and balancing quick turnaround with long-term quality
  • Strong written and verbal English language skills
  • Ability to work solo as well as collaboratively, within a team environment
  • Ability to take direction and feedback and apply this to assets or shots moving forward

What you should demonstrate in your demo reel/portfolio:

  • Feature-animation-quality, stylized environments and props
  • Proficiency in hard surface modelling techniques and topology
  • Solid understanding of proper edge flow and polygon density
  • Solid understanding of the topological requirements of subdivision surface for both static and deforming models
  • Proven technical and visual skills with an understanding of art and design within animation environment
  • Excellent attention to detail and the ability to abstract and interpret design down to its fundamentals

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