Animal Logic


Modelling Artist
- The Shrinking of the Treehorns

Start date: January to May 2022

Animal Logic is looking for modelling artists across Environment and Character. You will be joining us on “The Shrinking of the Treehorns”, Directed by Ron Howard!

What you’ll get to do:

  • Interpret 2D designs and translate them into 3D space while maintaining the original artistic intent.
  • Produce complex models to a high standard with a thorough understanding of shape, scale and form.
  • Work within, and produce, topology, wire frames, and turntables of character and/or creatures.
  • Produce accurate UVs for models for use in downstream departments.
  • Produce highly optimised meshes that can be rendered and displayed efficiently for downstream departments such as Rigging, Layout and Lighting.
  • Assume responsibility for ensuring assigned work is produced to appropriate standard quality within the scheduled timeframe and deadline.
  • Maintain good communication with the Model Lead.

What you bring:

  • 5+ years’ experience modelling withing a VFX or Animated Feature pipeline.
  • Proficiency with Maya and Z-Brush.
  • Experience with procedural modelling in Houdini and /or Marvelous Designer.
  • Solid understanding of proper edge flow and polygon density.
  • Solid understanding of the topological requirements of subdivision surface for both static and deforming models.
  • Excellent attention to detail and the ability to abstract and interpret design down to its fundamentals.
  • Strong organisational and time management skills.

What you’ll need to include on your application:

  • Turntables, with wireframes, of character and creature models.

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