Animal Logic


Storyboard Artist
- Toto

Location: Vancouver, BC

Are you the artist that will support us in establishing the comedy, drama and action to unlock and develop a script into an emotional and entertaining movie?

We are currently looking for passionate Storyboard artists to join our Vancouver studio for our upcoming Warner Bros animated feature, Toto! The position involves working collaboratively with the Director/Producer to translate their vision for the film.

What you’ll get to do:

  • Work quickly to translate story ideas into visual sequences
  • Analyze the story/script – so you can offer suggestions and collaborate with an understanding of the whole story
  • Develop characters, comedy and dramatic action scenes
  • Deliver and pitch boards to the Director and/or creative Department Heads
  • Incorporate notes and feedback from the Director and Head of Story
  • Create storyboards for an animated feature
  • Support Editorial with the development of the story for the reels
  • Keep Production informed of progress and any concerns in a timely manner

What you bring:

  • Proven experience in a film animation or animated television production environment
  • Thorough knowledge of Photoshop, Storyboard Pro, Flix and ideally an understanding of Clipstudio or a willingness to learn
  • A strong portfolio that displays excellent drawing skills and the ability to adapt styles with a strong sense of design, layout, composition, coupled with great sequential drawing
  • An understanding of storytelling and cinematic structure, that comes from a strong interest and passion for the film/animation industry
  • An ability to express story and character through drawings with an understanding of character development, shot direction and story arcs
  • An ability to analyze scenes in written form and translate into visuals, and where necessary, inventing action, emotion and comedy – value adding to the written word
  • Excellent communication and the ability to contribute to group creative explorations and discussions as requested
  • Demonstrated strong work ethic and positive attitude
  • The ability to work independently and within a team structure
  • An ability to take direction, feedback, and be prepared to make changes as required
  • Experience in 2d character animation and/or acting would be an advantage

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