Animal Logic

An abandoned workshop. The inventor, with her penchant for nostalgia, has long since left. What remains is a labyrinth of jerry-built experiments, tangled purposely with nostalgic science toys from childhood – chemistry kit, plasma ball, ferrous fluid, sea monkeys, drinking bird, an ant farm. Nothing remains. It is now your kingdom and playground, your very own creative lab. The scene is Inspired by the early Animal Logic ‘chemistry set’, and leans into a unique aesthetic that will feel familiar to anyone that has spent time in the Animal Logic’s studios.

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The USD ALab data set is the Animal Logic interpretation and implementation of real world production and pipeline concepts. There are two downloads available, including guiding documents and two sets of textures. The first download contains the ALab scene assets themselves, derived from our production assets and conformed for compatibility to allow them to load in any tool which supports USD. The second download is an optional extra, a “production rendering Texture Pack,” which delivers 4K OpenEXR textures with udims for production style rendering.

We encourage the use of the assets for education, training, and demonstration by students, studios, and vendors. We’re motivated by our own desire to create unencumbered assets for these purposes and think that the industry at-large could use something similar! We’re excited to see how ALab develops in the community, particularly as we will be extending the data set over time.

USD ALab Scene
ALab scene assets, including guiding documents and 2 sets of textures (1.0GB).

Texture Pack
4K OpenEXR textures with udims for production style rendering (14.5GB).

The USD ALab video on this page were rendered in Animal Logic’s very own, in-house path tracer: Glimpse. Developed in 2012 as an interactive lighting renderer for Walking with Dinosaurs, Glimpse was brought to full production usage in 2013 on The LEGO Movie and it has been used as the primary renderer on every project since then. Glimpse is still in active development, with new features and capabilities being added on a daily basis. Below is a list of resources where you can learn more.

SIGGRAPH 2021 Spectral Imaging in Production
SIGGRAPH 2019 Path Tracing in Production – Part 2: Making Movies
SIGGRAPH 2018 Path Tracing in Production – Part 1: Production Renderers
SIGGRAPH 2017 Evolving Complexity Management on The LEGO Batman Movie
SIGGRAPH 2017 Rendering the Darkness: Glimpse on The LEGO Batman Movie 

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