Animal Logic

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An abandoned workshop. A labyrinth of jerry-built experiments tangled purposely with nostalgic toys from the childhood of an unseen inventor. The scene is an early 1970s Australian backyard lab and leans into a nostalgic aesthetic that will feel familiar to anyone that has spent time in Animal Logic’s studios.

It is now your kingdom and playground, your very own creative sandbox…but you have to share it with two other curious characters – Dr Goggles McPherretson, PhD – a manic scientific stoat, and Hinge, the neurotic, metric-electric recycled robonoid!

We are proud to have been accepted into the Academy Software Foundation Digital Production Example Library. As such we have moved further conversations to the ASWF Slack Channel #assets-alab.

ALab is a full production scene created by Animal Logic for exploration by the wider community to be used in demonstrations, training material, and in the testing of USD support across software and pipeline. ALab has over 300 assets, complete with high-quality textures and two characters with looping animation in shot context, expanding on the static scenes released to date. Supplied as four separate downloads: the full production scene, high-quality textures, shot cameras matching the ALab trailer, and baked procedural fur and fabric for the animated characters.

We encourage using the assets for education, training, and demonstration by students, studios, and vendors. We’re motivated by our own desire to create unencumbered assets for these purposes and think that the industry at large could use something similar! We’re excited to see how ALab develops in the community, particularly as we continue to extend the data set over time.

The ALab data set is the Animal Logic interpretation and implementation of real-world production and pipeline concepts. There are four downloads available at the ASWF DPEL website:

Included Animation Cycle

Click here to watch the lit and rendered ALab sequence, directed by Grant Freckelton.

Directed by David Peers and created in Unreal Engine, click here to watch the trailer for Unhinged.

The USD ALab video on this page were rendered in Animal Logic’s very own, in-house path tracer: Glimpse.