Animal Logic

Ready! Set! Go!

Animals are a generous bunch who love to give back by supporting our Ready! Set! Go! Program

Ready! Set! Go! offers opportunities to individuals, schools, universities, colleges, organisations and groups who are interested in learning more about how professional studios operate.

All of our outreach activities are driven by our commitment to support the industry, students and educators. It is through the huge generosity of our staff and crew that we are able to contribute and participate in so many great events.


Ready! Work Experience

If you are interested in work experience at one of our Animal Logic Studios, you can apply to be part of our ‘Ready! Work Experience Week’. Currently we host work experience in our Sydney & Vancouver Studios for senior High School students.

What can I expect if I attend Ready! Work Experience Week?

You can expect to learn heaps from some of the most experienced professionals in the industry!

During the week you will tour the Animal Logic Studio, meet and learn from artists, technicians and software developers from the various disciplines within the company and be challenged with hands on activities in our dedicated training space. You will have the opportunity to use industry standard software and see how these skills are applied to tell great stories with amazing visuals.

You will learn about what Animals (employees who make up our team) do on a day-to-day basis, what their teams are responsible for and how they work together to get the job done. Our talented Animals will share with you their own stories about how they got to where they are now, what they studied, what different jobs they’ve held and what was important along the way. In addition, you will get the chance to get to know other like-minded students interested in film and digital production too. Yep! It’s a huge week.

When do you run Ready! Work Experience Week?

Ready! Work Experience Week is usually hosted twice a year in our Sydney Studio and once in Vancouver.

Dates for Sydney
We will be running a Work Experience Week at our Sydney Studio from the Monday, 27th of May until Friday, 1st of June for Years 10, 11 and 12. If you are interested, please sign up through this link before applications close at 9am, on Monday 6 May.

Dates for Vancouver
Our 2023 Work Experience Week ran from March 20 – 24!

Please note that this program is open to current AUSTRALIAN/CANADIAN SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS ONLY.

In Sydney, we accept applications from years 10, 11 and 12. Please note that we cannot accept applications from year 12 students for the November week, as they will no longer be covered by their school’s insurance. Only 12 students are selected for the Sydney work experience week from the large number of applications we receive.

In Vancouver, only 10 students from ‘Grade 11’ will be selected for the Vancouver week.

When applying, you will need to tell us what you are interested in and show us examples of any work that you think might be relevant. Examples could include illustration, concept art, paintings, visual effects, short films, animation, game development or coding examples. We recommend that you also provide a web link, Instagram link or digital examples of the material that you have created or helped create, particularly if you are interested in a career as a digital artist.

NOTE: we cannot return submitted material, so please do not send originals. Keep in mind that images don’t have to be digitally created (though they can be) and that we are interested in artistic content as well as technical and craft proficiency. You can photograph or scan non-digital material, upload to a website and provide that link.


Set! Training Courses

Whenever we can Animals like to share their love of learning. As part of our commitment to grow and support talent, we host dedicated craft training courses as often as possible. Developed and facilitated by our own highly talented staff these courses are usually open to the public and run free of charge. Previously, ‘Set! training courses have covered areas including Rotoscoping, Matchmove and Houdini for FX.

How do I find out when Set! Training Courses are being run?

Keep an eye out for Set! Training Courses on the News section of our website and our Facebook page!

How do I apply?

As they become available you will need to apply for Set! Training Courses – keep an eye out for more information on how to apply via the News section of our website.


Go! Internships

Animal Logic is proud to be able to support Internships across a wide range of roles and disciplines.

What can I expect if I become a Go! Intern?

You can expect to work on real projects alongside our own highly experienced and talented Animals in a world class digital and film production studio. You will be assigned a mentor and work as part of a team who are there to support you as you move through your internship. You will gain invaluable and unique pre-professional experience with opportunities to develop your skills and learn from best in the industry!

When do you run Go! Internships?

Placement for Go! Internships are dependent on team structure and project schedules. As such they are not run at regular times throughout the year. Go! Internships are available in both Sydney and Vancouver.

How do I apply?

You will need to apply for an Internship in the same way you would need to apply for a job at Animal Logic. Keep an eye out for Go! Internships on the News section of our website and our Facebook page.