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Animal Logic at SIGGRAPH Asia

14 October 2019

SIGGRAPH Asia is an annual event that attracts the most respected technical and creative people from all over the world with backgrounds in computer graphics, interactive techniques, research, science, art, engineering, animation, gaming, interactivity, education and emerging technologies. Close to 10,000 industry attendees from over 60 countries and regions will attend SIGGRAPH Asia 2019. The sessions span conversations about the making of some of the most famous animated films today, through to full dome experiences, and the technical aspects of creating, and securely protecting, mixed reality technology.

Among the the various tech thought leaders speaking at the event will be Animal Logic CEO Zareh Nalbandian. In the session ‘In Conversation’ with Zareh and Ian Failes, Founder of VFX and Animation Publication ‘befores & afters’, will explore the symbiotic relationship between creativity and technology. Describing Zareh’s journey of 28 years in the art of animation and storytelling. Zareh will discuss the challenges and strengths of setting up a creative studio in Asia-Pacific, and how we can apply these insights today.

In addition to Zareh, our Head of Production Technology, Aidan Sarsfield, along with other speakers from large-scale Animation and VFX studios will share their perspectives on how to balance creating amazing visuals in tight production time frames.

Chris Ebeling from the UTS Animal Logic Academy team will take part in the session ‘Bridging the Gap between Education and industry in the VFX, Games and Animation fields’. In this session they will discuss the disparity between taught skills and basic industry requirements, and how this is both a personal loss to graduates and a threat to continued sector growth.

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