Animal Logic


Changes to AL_USDMaya

23 April 2024

Developed by Animal Logic in 2017, AL_USDMaya is an open-source plug-in that enables powerful and efficient authoring and editing of 3D graphics data using Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) in Autodesk Maya.

Over the last seven years, many contributions to the plug-in have been made by Autodesk, Pixar, Animal Logic, and other studios. There is now a plug-in supported by Autodesk called USD for Maya that delivers the same benefit and is quickly becoming the standard way to work with USD content in Maya. Animal Logic has been heavily collaborating with Autodesk since 2018 to bring this plug-in to fruition.

With this in mind, Animal Logic is shifting its workflows to the Autodesk plug-in and is looking forward to contributing to what has become the most adapted Maya USD solution by the wider industry. This transition means that as of 31 August 2024, the AL_USDMaya open-source software project will no longer be supported. After this date, the official support channels, including forums and mailing lists, will be closed, and no further updates, bug fixes or contributions will be accepted on the AL_USDMaya plug-in.

As AL_USDMaya is an integral part of workflows across the industry, it is recommended that users migrate to Autodesk’s USD for Maya, as it provides the same set of features originally provided by AL_USDMaya. A migration guide has been designed to assist with this transition.

Animal Logic would like to thank everyone who has contributed to AL_USDMaya over the years. The involvement of the open-source community has been instrumental in shaping the project.

View the Media Release here.