Animal Logic


Help keep the festival alight

2 April 2019

Have you seen the new Philanthropy Campaign yet? This beautiful short film was made by Animal Logic and Sonar Music.

Sydney Film Festival is asking festival-goers to pitch in a little extra this year, by adding a donation to their festival purchases. Festival ticket sales cover less than 30% of the true costs of the Festival. After government and corporate partner support towards this shortfall, it is people-power that helps make up the difference.

Director David Scott takes us behind the scenes:⁣

“We discussed many different approaches internally, and Jane Milledge, Head of Art and Design, suggested building the visuals around projected light. This idea grew to using the torch light of a mobile phone as a metaphor to show how the SFF travels the world to shine a light on stories that need to be told.”⁣

“We all worked on this around our regular jobs, doing our feature film work during the day then chipping in on this in the evenings. Toby Grime and Don Walker especially worked a lot of late nights.”⁣

Ultimately, the campaign was a real pleasure to work on. On the surface the piece is an appeal for donations, but at its heart is also about the diversity of stories you see presented at SFF, and the journeys filmmakers from around the world go on to tell their stories.”

Handcrafted by Animal Logic
Directed By: David Scott
Produced By: Amber Naismith
Narrated By: Rachel Ward AM
Composed By: Antony Partos

Concept, Animation and Production: Animal Logic
Illustrated By: Don Walker, Toby Grime, Felicity Coonan, Michael Halford, David Scott
Edited By: Jonathan Tappin, David Scott
Picture Post: Alex Holcombe
Music and Sound Post: Sonar Music
Sound Design and Mix: Timothy Bridge
Executive Producer: Sophie Haydon
Producer: Haylee Poppi
Sound studios provided by: Soundfirm Australia
CEO: Roger Savage
Post Producer: Alex Doering
VO Recording Engineer: Will Carroll