Animal Logic


HQ Trivia works with Animal Logic

07 February 2019

HQ TRIVIA, WARNER BROS. PICTURES, and “THE LEGO® MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART” have teamed up with Animal Logic for the first ever LIVE interactive animation experience.

On Wednesday night, February 6, 2019, over half a million phones connected at one time to experience the special event that transformed popular HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky into a live LEGO® minifigure. The live HQ show lasted over 20 minutes, opening doors for new possibilities in the world of animation as we currently know it.  Rogowsky demonstrated he was live by prompting the audience to control what he did on screen. In real-time he read the requests live and on command he winked, nodded and even stuck out his tongue!

The broadcast originated live from our Sydney studio, in anticipation of our latest project’s release, “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part,” which hits Australian cinemas on March 21. Animal Logic’s team of artists, technicians and animators  worked closely with HQ Trivia and Warner Bros. Pictures, with the Unreal engine from Epic Games, to execute the live and interactive animation that brought Scott Rogowsky’s LEGO minifigure to life, achieving a seamless and organic stop-motion feel that best represented the look and movement of the iconic toy characters in real-time.

Rogowsky wore a skin-tight, but wireless suit that included 12 sensors through virtual motion capture and a shoulder mounted facial capture rig. There was no camera used for the broadcast. Players competed live for $75,000 and rare LEGO collectibles.