Animal Logic


Inner Beast Art Exhibition

22 January 2021

The annual Beastly art exhibition is back! This year’s show Inner Beast is being held once again at the beloved Kinokuniya book store’s Wedge Gallery.

The exhibition features beautifully hand-crafted and personal work by some creative minds from our Sydney studio including:

Fiona Darwin, The Inner Beast of Poompa the Cat
Etienne Marc, Her inner She #1, Her inner She #2, Her inner She #3, Her inner She #4
Rebecca Hartstein, Thrall’s Birthday, Construction
Nick Hore, The Beast Within
Gibson Radsavanh, Parasite
Gareth Young, A Triệu Story
Donald Walker, “Grandma, what big teeth you have!”
Felicity Coonan & Kasia Jacquot, Seven Deadly Sins 2.0
Jimmy Nevell, Broadway Framed, Inside Framed
Etienne Marc, The Gold of the Beast #1, The Gold of the Beast #2, The Gold of the Beast #3
Gerrard Southam, Zealandia, Character Designs 1, Character Designs 2
Martin Newcombe, Metallic Teen Wolf
Kim Lund, Lion Cub, Highland Cow
Timothy Morrow, Koi Pond
Simon Ashton, Cephallogic
Kazumichi Grim, You Search Dreams
Gregory Naud, Ozzie Beast #3 The Cheeky Cockatoo, Ozzie Beast #2 The Kooky Kangaroo, Ozzie Beast#1 The Kindhearted Koala, Ozzie Beast #4 The Seriously Scary Shark, Ozzie Beast #5 The Playful Platypus
Andy Finlayson, Pink Girl, Shots
Kim Lund, Chameleon, Rhinos, Duckling, Penguins
Miles Gibson, Desk Soup

If you’re interested, Visit Kinokuniya at Level 2 of The Galleries in the city and pick up an Inner Beast Flyer from their counter to find each artworks prices.