Animal Logic


Australian Indigenous Art Exhibition

10 May 2018

Our Animal Logic Entertainment office in LA is currently home to an Australian Indigenous Art Exhibition featuring contemporary works including larrakitj (ceremonial poles), paintings on bark and paper, fibre works and carvings by Raymond Bulambula, George Dhangi, George Dhangi, Helen Ganalmiriwuym, Margaret Rarru, Joe Dhamanydji, Jack Roy and Colin Yerrilil. The exhibition is called ‘Gapu Murnuk‘.

For Yolngu people, Gapu Murnuk is the coming together of freshwater and saltwater, the muddy and the clean. As the gapu (water) travels it brings with it the tides. Gapu gamurray (saltwater) and gapu raping (freshwater) meet and create something else: gapu murnuk. Gapu murnuk is celebrated for its wealth and abundance, or dharruwa ngata, meaning lots of food, including fish and crocodile eggs. In Yolngu ceremonies gapu murnuk often represents the interconnected relationships between Yirritja and Dhuwa: the two complementary categories that structure every element in the universe.

Ground Floor, 1632 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291, USA
3-20 May 2018
Gallery Hours 11am – 5pm
Thursday through Sunday