Animal Logic


The LEGO Movie: Construction, Animation And Demolition


Aloys Baillet
Daniel Heckenberg
Eoin Murphy
Aidan Sarsfield
Bryan Smith

The creative requirements for The LEGO Movie demanded that the
entire world be made of individual LEGO bricks, with no cheating. Whole buildings needed to be demolished into their component
bricks, vehicles pulled apart and reassembled differently, and some
parts of the set were to be ripped up and formed into other objects.
Even simulated FX like oceans, dust and clouds were to be made of
bricks. To achieve this challenging brief and support rendering of
massive amounts of geometry, we added a brick-based layer under
our existing asset pipeline, which we kept ‘live’ all the way through
to the final rendering. This approach allowed us to leverage brick-specific render optimisations and to automate various tasks such as model building and surfacing.

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