Animal Logic


Simulating Woven Fabrics with Weave


Bryan Smith
Roman Fedotov
Sang N. Le
Matthias Frei
Alex Latyshev
Luke Emrose
Jean Pascal leBlanc

In Peter Rabbit, modeling and surfacing artists needed to create photorealistic clothing for CGI characters. Existing techniques such as using repeating texture and displacement maps do not hold up for close-up shots. Peter’s iconic blue denim jacket also needed to seamlessly match a real, hand-stitched and worn reference used in the live action shoot. Furthermore, we needed to support many different types of fabrics for dozens of characters. We had initially developed a system called Weave for simple capes and flags in The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie, but to support higher levels of detail and flexibility, we extended it to procedurally generate highly customizable patterns of woven fabrics. The novelty of our system lies in its capability to generate realistic weaving and stitching patterns, fuzz, wear and tear in a simple and artist-driven framework.

Read the full Simulating Woven Fabrics with Weave paper here!